Everyone listens to buddi!

Everything gets done seamlessly. – Alerts, Reminders, voice calls to ordering a pizza, playing music, sharing photos and videos, right down to running your appliances to save energy… connecting and chatting with your with family and friends …buddi is a friend indeed.
buddi is cool!

It gets along famously with multiple platforms – Desktop, laptop to phone. What’s more! buddi is a multi-linguist and can speak your language! buddi-your friend for life.

You are a priority and buddi is always thinking of newer services and tasks to be done so you can breathe easy!

Why buddi?

Buddi BlockChain Architecture
Blockchain Architecture

Peer to Peer network using blockchain for multi-layered security.

Buddi Cost effective

Lower entry point, Lower fees and no 3rd party for payment gateway.

No Internet connection

Convert your smart phone into a smart Home controller

Our Products

buddi Touch

You can use this with your tablet and enjoy your favourite programs, games, apps and more.
Use the touch screen interface to access anything from personal productivity applications to educational videos for children, streaming multimedia content for entertainment, learning, podcasts, audio books, and more.

buddi Talk

It is an entry level device that lets you:
Ask questions and get answers.
Plays music and customize playlists.
Set alarms & reminders.
Listen to podcasts among others.
It comes with an internal memory for storing your favourite audios and for listening to music or podcasts, even when there is no net connectivity.
It is a smart device that has inbuilt speakers, Wi-Fi, IR & LAN.

buddi View

This allows you to access the next generation of audio-visual devices and offers video streaming, photo viewing and other visual options.
With this device you can:
Store your favourite movies or video clips for anytime viewing.
Watch a slideshow of your photos.

Partner with buddi

buddi would like to partner with you and build an immersive and enriching voice and visual platform for customers.

If you are a content provider in voice – podcasts, audio books and audio-led infotainment, please get in touch with us.  

Again, if you are a streaming music/movies provider and would like to expand your subscriber base for your audio-visual content, we would love to hear from you to partner with us for mutual benefit. 

We evaluate applications based on the market fit, product mix, work quality and a passion for technology and innovation.

Together we can do wonders to user experience.

Please fill in the form below and one of our team members will get in touch with you. Thank you!